What an experience

I’ve finally got round to writing up about things from nationals after 4 days much needed rest.

For the first time ever I felt both physically and mentally prepared for a tournament because I had so much support from my empowerment coach and tennis coach. I knew what to expect when I arrived at the tournament so I wasn’t so anxious and I just had to see what happened when I finally got on court. As soon as I got in my chair I forgot everything that was going on around me and concentrated on the match ahead remembering everything that I had learnt and what I needed to do

I actually won my first match much to my surprise 5-3 4-1 then played doubles with my new doubles partner she was able to give me a few tips on what to expect from our opponents then I went on to play a short set of 4 games with the womens singles and doubles winner for fun doubles , by the end of the day I was exhausted and it had finally sunk in that I was at a tennis nationals. Next day started early and I started playing earlier than expected to get into to the top 3 .

I lost my next 2 singles games but came 3rd overall , I felt that all my hard work on and off court was definitely worth it. We came runner up in doubles after a very challenging match too .

It was lovely to see people from other tournaments and to hear how amazing it was to see me playing at a National level and how much I have improved instead of just at a local events.

I would like to say thank you to all my sponsors and supporters for believing in me from the start of this journey

It’s time for me to plan ahead for next year’s tournaments and to continue the hard work