A busy start to the year

Apologies for not updating you all sooner 2020 certainly has been busy so far with 2 empowerment days in Cornwall on and off court with my counsellor. I have also managed a good number of training sessions with my coach (when the weather has held off enough for me to train) One session was in the fog!

There have been a few blips that I have had and am currently dealing with but I have someone to talk to about things when they get to much and am taking each day as it comes at the moment.

Many of you will be unaware that I have endometriosis and that it causes me a lot of additional pain on top of my “normal” pain in my legs i’m on medication but it has stopped working and so I have been having to take several rest days (something that I don’t like doing) and have had to wait to get an operation date to explore what is going on. I have to take 3 weeks off training!!! something that I will definitely find challenging because I like to train to keep myself as fit as possible and it also motivates me when I see and hear how well I am doing

6 days ago we welcomed Acorn a Minature Cockapoo into our family it has been both physical and emotional journey for me but she is such a great little companion for me and will hopefully get to come with me on some adventures this year

i haven’t any tournaments booked until I recover fully from my operation now that I have a date I can start planning a few things for when I’m out of action and discuss with my team my first few sessions back on court

I’ll keep you all updated with what’s going on and how I’m doing. I’m really glad to have such a supportive family, tennis coach counsellor and friends through this rollercoaster of a life

Keep safe during storm Dennis and remember it’s ok to talk about things happening in your life