What a busy few weeks!

kit bag preparation

First of all apologies for the lack of updates I have had a tough few weeks regarding both my physical and mental health, but I am slowly starting to feel like myself again, I am very lucky to have such an amazing medical team to support me through it all

I haven’t been keeping myself busy with a road trip again to Newquay to see my empowerment coach for time on and off the tennis court, this has definitely helped me. I have also found myself a new tennis coach who coaches just 10 minutes away from home an added bonus except when the weather is bad as its an outdoor court . we have spent a lot of time looking at my technique and changing things that may need adjusting .

As I am writing this I am preparing for my 2nd tournament of the year , playing at the local County Championships, I have been working so hard on preparing myself both physically and mentally for this tournament as I get very nervous and struggle with the atmosphere at local tournaments. I have been so lucky to have such a lot of support around me not only from my family but my sponsors, empowerment coach, my new coach and a lot of friends.

I’ll post an update sometime over the weekend to let you all know how I get on πŸ™‚


Hello everyone and welcome to my new page , this page has been setup so you my ongoing journey training, playing in tournament and the highs and lows of the what is ahead of me.

I shall be posting updates weekly updates of what I get to

Thank you for your support